Calumet Camporee – August 2014

From August 15-17, Troop 59 attended the 49th International Calumet Camporee.  This was our third year participating in the Camporee.  Twenty-three scouts including adult leaders went this year.  We departed the scout house at around 5:45 and arrived at Elk Lick Scout Reserve at 8:45.  It was dark and the temperature dropped to the fifties because we camped in a mountainous area.  When we arrived at the campsite, we unloaded gear and began setting up camp.  The Troop set up their tents and then we ate Cracker Barrel.   It consisted of hot dogs and chips.  After Cracker Barrel, everyone went to bed.  We awoke in the morning around 6:30.  Scouts enjoyed cooking breakfast in their patrols with either a Dutch oven or a new propane stove.  After breakfast, the flag ceremony was held and then we were encouraged to take part in activities till lunch.  The morning went by with many exciting activities.  Lunch was served around12:30 p.m.  Jacob F. and Nathan S. attempted to do the Iron Scout after lunch.  This event involves a challenge of running, swimming, biking, and canoeing.  Congrats to Nathan for completing the Iron Scout and to Jacob for taking first place!  While the Iron Scout took place, Mr. Rohrbach and Mr. McCoy took part in a Dutch oven cooking competition.  Mr.  Rohrbach made meatloaf and won a Dutch oven!  Mr. McCoy made a delicious mouth watering caramel apple cobbler.  The scouts enjoyed the activities for the rest of the afternoon.  Dinner approached and the scouts enjoyed meals cooked in their patrol.  That night, there was a campfire lite with a flamethrower!  Troop 59 did a funny skit that had the crowd laughing and applauding.  There was a concert playing in the pavilion that some attended.  It was visible that most scout were exhausted, so everyone went to bed when we got back from camp.  That morning we broke camp and attending a flag ceremony.  After departing from Elk Lick, we went to Bradford,Pennsylvania, to the Zippo and Case Knife store.   Scouts purchased lighters and accessories.  We drove home after our stop at  Zippo.  Overall, the trip was awesome!  There were a few cuts and scraped, but nothing serious.  Scouts and leaders took part in patch trading and neckerchief trading.   Troop 59 will attend next year because it is the 50th anniversary of Calumet and it will be amazing!
Story by:
Jacob F.

Order of the Arrow Ordeal – August 2014

From the 22nd to the 24th of August 2014, five scouts and three leaders went to CTSR, home of Langundowi Lodge #46. Two scouts and two leaders did their OA ordeal, one leader went to become a Brotherhood member, and the other three scouts went to help out. Congratulations to Greg P., Brion Z., Mr. Rohrbach, and Mr. Fleming for becoming Ordeal members and congratulations to Mr. Zacherl for becoming a Brotherhood member!

Seabase 2014

From June 30 to July 6, 2014, twenty scouts and leaders from Troop 59 went to Islamorada, Florida home of the Seabase High Adventure camp. It was an early Sunday morning, waking up at 2 o’clock to make it to Pittsburgh, PA. Then on to Atlanta, GA, and afterward to Miami, FL. That night we safely arrived at Seabase. The next morning, we hit the road to Key West, where the Spirit of Independence, an 80 foot Schooner was docked. Around lunchtime we departed on our trek around to the coral reefs where we saw a diverse array of aquatic wildlife. Over the next few days, we were able to cook, snorkel, raise and lower the sails, sleep on the deck, steer the boat, and make a lot of awesome memories. For the fourth of July, we anchored off the coast of Key West to watch the fireworks. We spent the next day in Key West, stopping at gift shops, aquariums, and museums. We attended mass later that night, then off to dinner. The next morning we rode back to Seabase, where we packed up at went to the Luau that night. We enjoyed games of volleyball, poison barrel, and limbo. A delicious dinner was served along with each troop’s skit afterward. After breakfast the next day we took a shuttle to Miami to fly back home. Overall everyone had a great experience.

Josh R

.Delta Airlines Crew # SEM063014A Florida Seabase Delta Airlines Troop 59 at Seabase Spirit of Independence

Custaloga Summer Camp 2014

From June 29 to July 5, 2014 Troop 59 left for their week long trip to Custaloga Town. Upon arrival, the scouts picked a campsite that was already prepared for them. Shortly after the morning flag ceremony the next day, everyone started to work on their merit badges. The merit badge schedules for each scout were organized into five different periods. During each period every scout worked on a different merit badge. This schedule continued for the rest of the week. The scouts enjoyed the camp and learned how to do new things. 

Michal Z.

Troop 59 Summer Camp 2014