Pizza! Pizza!

On November 22, the Boy scouts had their annual Pizza fundraiser. During the pizza making day, the scouts meet at the OLP cafeteria early in the morning to start folding the pizza boxes. After they have a few pizza box piles stacked to the ceiling, the pepperoni counting commences. Huge bags of sliced pepperoni are individually counted into stacks then placed on a tray. While scouts are finishing up with the pepperoni counting, the adults are preparing the pizza assembly line. The fresh dough is layered with tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni and sent to the end of the line where they package the pizzas and put them in their box. Finally, the pizzas are hand delivered to the customer’s doorstep!

Josh R.

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Scouts teach Scouts

On November 19, four scouts from Troop 59 went to a Pack 59 meeting to teach flag etiquette. The cub scouts were separated into three groups; flag folding, flag etiquette, and games. It was a fun night for the Cub Scouts as it was for the Boy Scouts!

Josh R.

Teaching Cub Scouts

Thanksgiving at Custaloga Town 2014

The Scouts of Troop 59 embarked on their annual Thanksgiving Campout to Custaloga Town Scout Reservation on November 14, 2014. When they arrived, they unloaded cars that were packed full of food and supplies. Big groups of scouts and leaders were going in and out of the kitchen carrying boxes, bags, and coolers. Afterward, the cots were brought in by the truck load. The cots were set up and prepared for bed. But no one was going to sleep. Scouts were playing cards, making pizza, and watching movies. They also got a head start on the pumpkin pie and squash. The next day, it was an early rise to get started on the many different jobs that had to be done. Some of the things they did were making mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry relish, stuffing, turkey in the ground, deep-fried turkey, apple pie, cherry pie, chocolate pie, pumpkin pie, and squash. Later that night, parents, friends, and previous scouts came to feast. The dinner started with mass, celebrated by Fr. Glenn Whitman and Fr. David Renne. After mass, everyone had a delicious meal! While everyone was finishing up, a slide show of the past year’s pictures was presented. The crowd slowly left and it was clean up time. Once clean up was finished, some scouts went to bed after a long day of work while others stayed up to play more cards, eat more pizza, and watch more movies. On Sunday morning they torn down, cleaned, and packed up. It was a fun weekend!

Written by Josh R.

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September Campout – Woodstock’s Nest

From September 18-19th, Troop 59 had their “Woodstock” campout. The Prischak family was generous enough to donate their property for the weekend, and the scouts could not have enjoyed it more. Starting on Friday the 18th, the scouts departed from the tennis courts at Asbury Woods 5:45 and walked west, across Millfair Road, and into the Prischak’s property. The scouts were separated at least 100 yards away from each other according to their patrols and remained there all weekend. Crackle barrel was held Friday night with the adult leaders hosting it. The scouts woke up the next day and enjoyed breakfasts varying from oatmeal to couscous. The rest of the day was used as relaxation. While younger scouts tended to stay closer to there campsites, the older scouts used this free time to explore the property. Throughout the property, older scouts had the opportunity to see petrified wood, observe a makeshift tarp Adirondack and “fairy hut”, and even took a swim into the crisp Walnut Creek. All scouts had simple backpacking meals, such as ramen noodles, tomato soup, chili, macaroni and cheese, and hotdogs. The last day, the scouts and leaders woke up at 6:00am, packed up all their patrol’s gear, and met at a rendezvous point. Some minor complications took place, such as a lost patrol, but the Troop overcame its obstacles as always and departed back to Asbury woods, the same way we came. We arrived back at the tennis courts around 8:30. One by one the scouts were picked up, ready to go back home, telling friends and family of the campout they had just experienced.

Story by Jeff W.

Pictures by Jason P.

Woodstock's Nest Crayfish Fairy Hut